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Some comments about Jonathan's reviews:

I actually really like the new New Latinaires single mentioned below. The
Francisco Aguabella track has a nice mid-tempo groove with a hip hop
aesthetic, a nice break from all this latin house (which I cant front, I
like a lot... but its nice to have a break)

And on the Red Hook project on guidance, I would like to concur that the
first joint on the second side is SLAMMING, deep jazzy beat and on point
spoken word. God I havent heard one of those in a while.... feels good.


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New Latinaires Volume 5 12" (Ubiquity)
The New Latinaires series has proven to be consistently
satisfying, an exciting brand of fusion. This release,
featuring the remix talents of Kirk DeGiorgio (As One)
looked really promising. DeGiorgio's Offworld mix of
Papo Vzquez disappoints a bit. It squelches out a
pretty funky groove, and adds some otherworldly elements
to spice it up a bit, but is a little too stagnant for
me. Perhaps I'm showing myself to have a very short
attention span...I still think the most radical thing
DeGiorgio has done was the vocal cut on "Planetary Folklore".
Catalyst's mix of Francisco Aguabella is not immediately
remarkable, but a pleasant listen. A shuffling beat
frames the repetitive vocal, distorted piano line and
refreshing touch of flute. Not outstanding, but both
sides still offer a quality example of how to take a
step forward.

Paul Hunter presents The Red Hook Project 12" (Guidance)

Guidance hasn't been extremely impressive of late, but
this release is a great change of pace and an excellent
listen, appropriate for all those wondering where "acid
jazz" went. "Reflections" is a moody uptempo number that
is very refreshing. A comparison could be made with
a slightly less programmed Jazzanova, similar in both
mood and spirit. "Front Lines" is similar in style,
making it clear why this is put out by Guidance. Even
though it seems pretty far away from its normal output
and closer to old time a-jazz, the background tones,
the synths, the entire mood seems right at home on
Guidance's deep house roster. On the flipside, "Paul's
Pal" is a nice downtempo track punctuated with a little
spoken word that reminds me of the Dorado output circa 94,
when I first heard the Brooklyn Funk Essentials, and
the prospect of a return of some of the Young Disciples
excited me. "Peaceful Morning" is a beautiful closer,
a punchy bassline accompanying the soothing, languid
ambience. This release reminds me of why I was excited
about "acid jazz" in the first place. Apparently a teaser
for an upcoming album, this is a very satisfying
experience and I recommend it.

As Jean-Luc Godard so poignantly (but not so originally)
puts it:



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