swag lp?

Phillips, Brock (Brock.Phillips@mammoth.com)
24 Aug 1999 08:54:13 -0700


Curious if folks had opinions on Swag's "Felony Funk" LP that came out a few
months back. I slept on this one - read a lot of good reviews in mags but when
I dropped the needle on it in a shop it didn't catch my ear at all. Chalk it up
to press hype or was I not paying attention? I'm checking myself b/c I recently
heard a nice trip-hop track off the "Om Lounge 2" comp. ("Rug Munch") that was
dope, and I also just noticed in the small print that the Ian Pooley remix I've
been playing a lot was remixed by Swag...does the LP sound anything like these
two? Only reason I ask here is that the shop I heard it in was in London, and
I'm stuck in NC now with no way to hear it again! Cheers for your help...Brock

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