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temi castro wrote:

> I got the album played it thoroughly for two days and chilled for fear
> of overconsumption and subsequent nausea. She does sound like Donald
> Duck and Ziggy Marley in parts. But she's her own woman with a groove
> of her own
> Yeah I kinda expected more spoonfuls of soul, its a bit too much on the
> lyte funk tip.
> However her joint bangs and she's playing at the Sheperd's Bush Empire
> on my b-day so I'll be there harmonizing with Donald Duck and a few
> freaks I call friends.

Anyone in the US, did you see "Late Show w/David Letterman" last night? I
think it was a rerun, but Macy was on. She did "Do Something" - It was
pretty cool, the band was pretty tight. Actually I focused my attention on
the bandmembers, I think I spotted some familliar faces from the Los
Angeles funk/acid jazz scene - The guitarist was Arik Marshall, who plays
in Weapon of Choice and is also a card-carrying member of the Former Red
Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Club :) And in the horn section, I think I
spotted this dude I know named Todd who also plays trumpet for the
Breakestra. Also their sax player and DJ look familiar...


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