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Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 19:39:28 CEST

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    01.04.01 Week 13

    Bundles and bundles of quality records arriving through the
    letter box this week. We liked the postman this week. There are
    some great records that didn't get into this chart! My apologies
    to those who sent such fine parcels only to see them not featured
    in Cuki's Top 30! And yes I got a top thirty just trying to cover them.

    One delightful thing about DJ-ing in London town is that there
    isn't too many Englishmen and women about. A proper melt
    down of all cosmic cultures and styles. The most cosmopolitan
    city in the Universe maybe?

     Shouts to Lkratochvil. Whose from a country that I've probably not
    even heard off! Do check out the Bemsha vibe at the Notting Hill
    Arts Club this and every Tuesday sir. I'll be digging for my Jan
    Hammer record!

    Henkka, you should have seen the FLOWERS at 'Granny'
    this week, my boys Yemi and  Robert enjoying the scenery.
    Look up your daughters when these two hit the streets!
    Nuff Cukibabas in town.

    And our favourite Cukibaba this week being Melissa 'Mooks',
    from the Vancouver via California. Below is a list of all the records
    that I played at 'Granny' last Thursday. We be digging your smile:)

    To my dear friend Karime  Kendra also from the west coast.
    Look out for a brand new night at 'The Gate' Notting Hill,
    (next to the cinema).'Ill Behaviour' happening every fortnight
    (next one 11.04.01).Karime hosting, Ed Pitt (Scenario Records)
    spinning the very best Hip Hop. Look out for new material from
    KK later in the year.

    To my dear friend Nadine in Munich. So glad that you found time
    to pop by. We be missing you extremely! See, you have the warmest
    and sweetest smile in LWL :) Look out for CD's through your letter

    To Lucia. Our favourite Brazilian person in the solar system. So good
    to see you on Saturday Lucy. Yeah, the summer is coming and we
    be on the roof watching dem stars! Stars over Wimpole Street. I've
    been neglecting getting some of them rhythms over to you. Not any
    more. CD burner was on all day today!

    Thanks to the T-Star for the Viennese Mad Waltz 4 Biz. I'm
    gonna start 'Loony London Life' Vol 1 tomorrow tonight.

    Talking about all things Cosmo! Lastly, thanks again to Ade Forsyth.
    The man behind Plastic People. Our favourite venue on the East side.
    Do check out the excellent 'Balance' night every Saturday night.
    Always surprise guests popping in and the most cosmic sound
    system in town.

    One last note. Cyberspace will be broadcasting our favourite
    electronic person. We believe Ian O'Brien will be doing his thing again this Friday at 7pm BST

    #### #### This weeks cosmic chart #### ####

    1.  Modaji - S/T (Laws of Motion) 2xLP
    Still Number 1! 21st century soul boy Dominic
    Jacobson finally delivers his first long player! He's
    come along way since the days of 'Starburst over Orion'.
    He's also matured into one of the finest  producers and
    songwriters around. I'm still feeling very proud to be
    charting this record number 1.Respect DHJ.

    2. Nathan Haines - Sound Travels  (Chilli Funk) 2xLP
    Again, so pleased to have all tracks on vinyl. Nathan's
    album already destined for classic status. Time will travel
    but this long player will live long in our spirits and record
    boxes for sure. The first of many great albums we hope!
    Get down to 'Flying' in Dean St.

    3. Figarro - Run Around  (Clairaudience) 12"
    Peven Everett gracing our turntables yet again. This
    time under the Figarro guise. Once again beautiful
    instrumentation, keys, pianos, vibes, drums, percussion,
    this track has it all. House music at it's very best.

    4. India.Arie - Acoustic Soul (Motown) CD & 12"s
    Kedar Massenburg and Co deliver another quality soulful
    superstar. India's vocals and songwriting taking it to the
    next level.

    5. V/A - The Brazil EP (V Recordings) 2x12"
    Yippeeeee! Patife, Marky, Max De Castro and Fernada P
    finally find there way on vinyl into my box! Its been a long
    time getting there! Even the CD-R was wearing out! This
    the type of Drum n Bass that's got to bring the sun out! The
    best double pack since Pammy and Liz hit the front page
    of the Sun!

    6. Enola 5 - Moonlighting  (Cooker) CD-R
    Oh my god! Who is this crew! Three tracks
    wearing out the soles of my shoes! 'Moonlighting'
    drops the biggest  bomb though. Turn right at the
    lights and head up Kruder and Truby street.

    7. Hirsohi Fujiwara & Shinichi Osawa - Lost Child (Instr)(Sony Japan) 12"
    Modern day arrangements tend to be overlooked
    in need of finding more welly for the dance floor! Well
    this here arrangement, production and song presses
    the right buttons every time As per usual we by pass
    the vocal and get straight to the instrumental from the
    guys who work the 'Mondo Grosso' 'Bird' sound.

    8. Chris Bowden - Beautiful Nasty (4 hero remix)(Ninja Tune) 12"
    This mans axe takes you to places unknown and unseen.
    Reminding me of Ornettes sound and sense. 4 Hero do
    the remix proud too. It's a tough choice between the
    original and the remix, both touching the spinal column,
    both electrifying the nervous system.

    9. Robert Nacken - It could be So (Spectrum Works) CD-R
    This is where music begins and ends for me! Songs,
    melodies, spirituality and so much more. Epic acoustic
    music from the label that isn't afraid to differ. This the
    guy too that wrote Karma's 'High Priestess'.Soon come.

    10. Hanna feat Gere - Laughing  (Apollo) 12"
    So pleased to have this on any format, Big thanks to
    David for putting this my way. One of those beautiful
    melodic drum n bass tunes that gives me da bumps.
    Hanna being the vocalist. Singing sweet and
    changing directions in this moody but mellow roller.
    Forge been teasing me with this for weeks, now I
    got my own.

    11. V/A - Transatlantic Audio  Vol 3 (Dynamite Joint) CD-R
    Dynamite Joint coming  through yet again with
    another superb comp, this time all exclusive tracks
    compiled by those Atlantic boys Karl Injex and
    Tyler Askew. I could tell you who's on there but
    I've already been accused of offering a new edition
    of 'War  & Peace'! I will tell you though, that it is dope!

    12. Psyco on da Bus - V/T (Comet) 2xLP
    We supported this back last year on CD-R format but
    we get the vinyl and give it another bolt. Tony Allen,
    Doctor L, Jeff Kellner, Jean-Phi Dary  and Cesar Anot
    on a bus, on a tour, on a Afro Funk mission! This is
    exactly what the title says 'Psyco'! We're on da bus!

    13. V/T -  Folky (Spectrum Works) CD-R
    Acoustic music in digital times! Awesome collection
    of new bizniz from suspects such as Scuba, Zero 7,
    Les Gammas, Victor Davis. We also digging such
    artists as Otto Lamani and Lief too. Pull up a comfy
    chair and leave your dancing shoes in the corner!

    14. Afronaught - Transcend Me (Apollo) 12"
    Soon come! Soon come! Hold on boys and girls.
    Whites about so the finished article only days
    away! Get ready also for the O-Dawg album to
    compliment  this excellent twelve.

    15. Loqate - Miracles (Recloose remix)(Ubiquity) 12"
    Main man Matt Chicoine adds another twist to another
    Bugz / Orin Walters disguise in Loqate. Just when you
    thought it was safe to step off the dance floor and get
    yourself  a drink, along comes this! Two excellent and
    fearless producers, one excellent and adventurous
    label. More than enough said.

    16. Swell Session - I see  through you (Hollow) CD-R
    We think the follow up to the amazing and still
    played out first twelve from Sweden's Hollow
    recordings. Top teenager Ms Yukimi Nagano
    adding those composed vocals once again.
    Nik says she's fit but that's because she's
    Japanese! He thought Yoko Ono was attractive!

    17. Osunlade - Tree of Life (Versatile) 12"
    Taken from the excellent and forthcoming 'Family' comp
    due out on the ever consistent Versatile label outta Paris.
    Osunlade from the Yuroba stable bringing spiritual house
    music back to life. Check out his other recent stuff on the
    Soul jazz label and of course the Yuroba label out of NYC.

    18. Marcus Worgull - Ole EP (Spectrum Works) 12"
    Marcus Who? Not for long! Spectrum Works come
    good again and this time we take note of a new kid
    on the block in Marcus Worgull. Quality vocal ride too
    with  Julie Messenger on the 'Havin a Dig' track. More
    Germanic broken beat  jazzer biz!

    19. Difusion - Illusive Angel (Solaria)  12"
    Venom and Uncle get it done with this deep and vibrating
    sound off! Somewhere between Drum n Bass and West
    London broken beats! A bunch of Viper/Venom stuff
    sounding off very soon! Vinyl sounding super phaaaat!

    20. Shur-i-ken - Advance (Freerange) CD-R
    Wow! What a debut album for  Mr Odell's Freerange label.
    Look out to for Landslide and Swell Session remixes
    forthcoming too. Shur-i-ken aka Tim something or other
    coming through with mo twists and turns than a super
    market trolley with a wonky wheel.

    21. Turbulent - San Francisco  Nights (Pagan) 12"
    Tucked away on the flip side of this twelve is
    a little gem. Deep house groover. This needs
    to be checked  boys, floating, atmospheric and
    extremely soothing.

    22. KJM feat Bebel Gilberto - The view from her room (?) CD-R
    Kyoto Jazz Massive team up with last years
    hottest property Bebel Gilberto for a classic
    Working Week track. Usual Japanese silky
    production, usual sambatastic workout.

    23. Fertile Ground - Perception (Counterpoint) 2xLP
    Baltimore's best kept secret is official out on vinyl.
    Those who had CD's two years back know  the story.
    Those who don't, need what is a truly moving and
    spiritual experience. Respect to Counterpoint for
    getting on the case.

    24. Vikter Duplaix - Manhood (Rima remix)(Groove Attack)  CD-R
    Domu teaming up with the Volcov to produce an excellent
    twisted  version of one of last years classics. Nuff said when
    you team these three  together. Rima ready to roll!

    25. Koop - V/T (Superstudio) 10"
    Nuff waltz and bossa bizniz going on here! 3 track sampler
    from the forthcoming album including last years blinding
    'Waltz for Koop'. Hold tight for a excellent album too.

    26. V/A - Visions Sampler (Visions) 2x12"
    Alex Attias and friends give us an awesome double
    pack of future  jazz licks. Featuring Jessica Lauren,
    Domu, Stephane Attias with Vanessa Freeman and
    the Volcov man gets serious too.

    27. Ray Mang & Pete 2  - Praia Do Londres (R&S) 12"
    Nice rolling percussive rhythms Pitch it down a little
    and slip gently into modes of hypnotism too! If you
    enjoyed Chaser's 'Life in Loiasada' then check this.

    28. Kaidi Tatham - Betcha (Original/Son of Scientist mix)(Bitasweet) CD-R
    Kaidi letting loose with more mad West London side
    stepping! Forget two step, this is twenty two step!
    Check soon for more Bitasweet productions coming

    29. Reel People feat Nathan Haines - Spiritual  (Papa) 12"
    Man of the moment Nathan Haines guests on this
    warm and soothing slice of quality house music,
    from we believe the Chilli Funk stable.

    30. Cassandra Wilson/Angelique - Voodoo (Joe Claussell mix)(Blue Note) 12"
    Tribal chanting and percussive rhythms on this twelve!
    Nippon Nik will be straight on the phone! Cassandra's
    husky vocal chords as ever stealing the show.

    #### #### Coffee compliment this week ####   ####
    Donal Byrd - Electric Bryd
    Blue Note BST 84349 (1970)
    Not all the electric albums of the early seventies cut the mustard.
    A lot jazz musicians tying to jump on the Miles bandwagon, many
    to be found left wanting on the talent department or the spirituality
    of the groove. This though top drawer stuff. Produced by Duke
    Pearson who also plays electric piano and also starring the
    wizard Airto Morreira on tapotment. Of course Nat Hentoff
    writes the sleeve notes. I should give these guys who write the
    notes more credit. They sometimes give you the clues to the
    musical journey. Nat talks about 'shaping time' rather than being
    imprisoned in it.  Yeah this is a deep one. And we be travelling
    with my space partner. Check for all four tracks but we hit warp
    factor 5 with 'Xibaba' and 'Estavanico'.

    #### #### Granny selection for 22.03.01 #### ####
    1. Chico Hamilton - Baby you know (Impulse 66 LP)
    2. Cannonball Addereley & Randy Crawford - Give Lovin a Try (Fantasy 75 LP)
    3. Louis Armstrong - The Creator has a Masterplan (Flying Dutchman 70 LP)
    4. Stan Clarke & Andy Bey - Butterfly Dreams (Polydor 72 LP)
    5. Gene Harris - Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong (Blue Note 74 LP)
    6. Ethel Beatty - It's you Love (Uno Melodic 81 12")
    7. James Mason - Sweet Power (Chiaroscuro 76 LP)
    8. The Heath Brothers - For the public (Colombia 80 12")
    9. Minnie Riperton - Baby this love I have (Capitol 75 LP)
    10. Kool & the Gang - North, East, South, West (De-Lite 72 LP)
    11. India.Aria - Brown Skin (Motown 01 12")
    12. Modaji - Rush (Laws of Motion 01 LP)
    13. Nathan Haines - Wonderful Thing (Chilli Funk 01 LP)
    14. Fertile Ground - Broken Branches (Counterpoint 01 LP)
    15. Koop - Waltz for Koop (Superstudio 01 10")
    16. Procreation - Citizen (Compost 01 LP)
    17. Alison Moyet - First time ever I saw your face (Attica Blues
    mix)(Colombia 95 12")
    18. Mary J Blige & Blackstar - Beautiful (White? 00 12")
    19. Phife Dawg - Miscellaneous (Superrappin 01 12")
    20. Sunshine Anderson - Heard it all before (Atlantic 01 12")
    21. Breakestra - Remember who you are (Rapstar 01 LP)
    22. Figarro - Run Around (Clairaudience 01 12")
    23. Gemini - Seasonal Bounty (LEA 00 LP)
    24. Heatwave - Mind Blowing Decisions (Epic 78 12")
    25. Leroy Hutson - Love the Feeling (Curtom 76 LP)
    26. Don Blackman - Hearts Desire (GRP 82 LP)
    27. Eramus Hall - Your Love is my Desire (Westbound 80 LP)
    28. Chaka Khan - Move me no Mountain (Warner Bros 80 LP)
    29. Jose Felicano - Golden Lady (RCA 74 LP)
    30. Jean Carn - Don't let it go to your head boy (PIR 78 LP)
    31. Al Hudson & the Soul Partners - How do you do (ABC 78 12")
    32. The Jammers - What have you got to Lose (Salsoul 82 12")
    33. Dexter Wansel - Disco Lights (PIR 77 12")
    34. Fathers Children - Hollywood Dreaming (Mercury 70 LP)
    35. Sly & the Family Stone - Family Affair (Epic 71 LP)
    36. Marvin Gaye - I want You (Motown 76 LP)
    37. The Blackbyrds - Soft & Easy (Fantasy 77 LP)

    Till the next time.
    The One Sweet Daddy (Cukipapa)

    Resident at
    'Bemsha' Notting Hill Arts Club, Tuesday's 8 till 1 with the
    Nathan Haines Band
    'Bite Your Granny' Point 101Bar, New Oxford St, Thursday's
    9 till 2 with Nik Weston

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    Alan Brown
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