Re: AJ Scene in Dublin, Ireland

From: Cheebah (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 03:38:33 CEST

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    > <I went to see Antibalas Afro-Beat Orchestra . They said the best
    >> part of their dates were two nights in Ireland including Dublin!!!>
    > <They played mid-week and couldn't believe how up for it, friendly,
    >> everyone was... Packed crowds on weekday nights...They raved on and on
    >> about
    >> Ireland....>

    Yeah they played the bodega in Cork on Monday - free gig, fantastic venue
    and sister venue to the Savoy which is also worth checking. I saw them in
    cuba on the wed. -full house. Cuba is a club in Galway - amazing gig
    fantastic crowd response, etc 400+ there. Scene in places like Galway owe a
    lot to the work of people like Paul tarpey, Hazo, Aran Mc Mahon etc.

    > This is what I'm looking for, people with a real love of music who
    >can point me in the right direction of the clubs that surely must exist
    >somewhere beyond the scope of my AJ tracking abilities.
    > <Where's the Irish acid jazz posse?>

    hmm down to definitions here, what have you checked? Personally I would
    highly recommend Velure on Saturdays in the Shelter/Vicar street. Check the
    link for blurb

    they also have a bar- modern green on wexford street which has djs
    regularly, very varied musically but generally funky. Rainer Truby and the
    great Paul Murphy have played with Velure in the last six months. Also check
    anything that Claire Maloney is doing - she used be in HQ but that packed up
    so check around. Anyone who wants to hear the velure radio show it is
    normally on today/Thursday from 3-5pm irish time, around the world on

    If people are interested in more detailed info for around the country of
    Ireland i can supply some more if u wish.



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