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    • New: MAYAKU - Mayaku's theme (Wha? 005)
    • New: GLISTEN SYNDICATE - Euphonic trax 2 (WGW 021)
    • New: DIAMANTENRÄUBER - Hitchhiker (WGW 027)
    • New: MARINO BERARDI - Expression in E-dub -- Remixes (MB8003)

    • UPCOMING: MAYAKU - Tamiami trail (WGW 030)
    • UPCOMING: T N A - Do we (Wha? 009)

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    MAYAKU - Mayaku's theme
    (Wha? Roots Recordings - Wha? 005)

    The Mayaku boys are back in town with their first outing on the successful Wally’s Groove World subsidiary Wha? Roots Recordings. Mayaku members Marius, Jan Costermans and Koenie have been very productive lately with several releases on WGW and also a few remixes for labels such as Legato, Aroma. One of their remixes was also picked for the mix compilation of the H-Foundation on NRK Records. Currently they are also working on their debut album "The other side of the volcano" for WGW. About this release now: somehow a bit different of their previous releases, Mayaku succeeds in bringing you a wonderful spiritual house tune which comes in two version. If the notorious U.K. Label U-Star tells you something and you liked their sound? Then you really need to check out this one because it can easily be placed next to some work of the Idjut Boys for example.
    This classic to be was circulating already a few months on test and is getting already overwhelming reactions of D’julz (Fr.), Dorfmeister, Nico De Ceglia (Discoid, Muzik), Kenny Hawkes and Jon Marsh. Is reviewed by Kevin McKay in the May 2001 issue of Muzik and is also charted in the Muzik Future Sweep . There will also be a featured article on Mayaku in the upcoming issue of Jocket Slut.

    A1 - Mayaku’s theme - 11’32"
    B1 - Mayaku’s theme - Late night - 10’14"

    Written & produced by Marius Acke, Jan Costermans & Koen Van Immerseel
    Live bass & Guitar solo by Rubba J.

    GLISTEN SYNDICATE - Euphonic trax 2
    (Wally's Groove World - WGW 021)

    Follow up to "Euphonic trax" which was released in the autumn of 1999. This Dutch - also known as Gerd - producer teamed up with Dirk Jan Hanegraff for their succesfull Sensurreal guise but that’s not all... Say Metro Dade, Perez & Dowell, Literon, B.S.O. Research and many others: all other projects by him released on labels like Universal Langue, Hard Hands, Music Man, E.C., Pork,... too much to mention. Delighted we are to release this second chapter by the worldly producer, part 1 already gained much support of Atlas Records London, Ian Simmond a.k.a. Juryman and many many more. Belgian deep bonkers Faith Family did the remix for "Malfunction" - original version on Euphonic trax 1 - bringing a slightly different but still very break beatish version.
    In May Gerd is releasing his already fourth album on the N.E.W.S. based Life Enhanced Audio (L.E.A.) label (known for the terrific Sven Van Hees album) so be sure you don’t miss that and especially not this astonishing release of Glisten Syndicate.

    A1 - Medditerrean
    B1 - Change the dance
    B2 - Malfunction - Faith Family Remix

    All tracks written, composed & produced by Gert-Jan Bijl for Sensurreal
    Productions, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Published by Strictly Confidential.

    DIAMANTENRÄUBER - Hitchhiker
    (Wally's Groove World - WGW 027)

    Hamburg-based DIAMANTENRÄUBER is also a member of the 7 releasing collective Parfüm-Records and the computer-improvised Band Bullenterror. If you are lucky you might be able to witness him performing with Nightshift, the latest Sex-Dance-Act, live on stage.
    Turn the music on is one of his sayings: As optimistic as possible is the true combination out of sheer drive, light and incorrect groove-systems. DIAMANTENRÄUBER is no robot, moreover he is the human friend protecting the machines. This music is organic, uplifting and downshifting. This is the home of the brave: So what´s a computer? Peace.

    A1 - Hitchhiker
    A2 - Love comin’
    B1 - Shifter
    B2 - Why do you love me

    Written & produced by Markus Selg (Hamburg, Germany)

    MARINO BERARDI - Expression in E-dub -- Remixes
    (MB Recordings - MB8003)

    This is probably Marino’s most known piece to date. First it saw the light on Forced recordings, then it was spotted in the US by Francois K’s Wave recordings and they successfully re-released it with an incredible Floppy Sounds Remix by Rob Rives. Reactions coming from all over the world are still amazing and it has been licensed to different top quality mix compilations including Peace Division’s latest. This mix is also included on this European issue which includes also some brand new remixes by D’julz and Majestic plus a bonus track called "12th planet".
    Parisian and very famous DJ D’julz (Rex Club) is known for his work on the French Serial imprint and his mix compilation on Magic Garden. After doing a remix for US Deep Touch he now did this funky house mix of Expression in E-dub. Soon you can expect a Joeski & D’julz release on the fresh U.S. imprint Maya. Dutch DJ and producer Frederik known for his Majestic outings and remixes for Bedrock brings you a more tribalistic progressive affaire. The bonus track from Marino Berardi himself is a deep progressive house journey into our solar system, late night action at its best. Very positive reactions coming for this double twelve from Rocky, Nathan Coles, Goldie (Black Market), Corrie (The End, Fabric, Tag), Anthony Pappa, Joanna Massive, Slacker, Chris Fortier, Mr. G, Luke Magnuson(XLR8R) and charted by Nico De Ceglia ( Discoid , Muzik ) Next up for Marino are releases on Moody Recordings and Josh Wink’s imprint Ovum!

    A Expression in E dub - Floppy Sound Remix - 11’00"
    B Expression in E dub - D’julz Remix - 06’30"
    C 12th Planet - 10’24"
    D Expression in E dub - Expression in beats by Majestic - 10’00"

    MAYAKU - Tamiami trail
    (Wally's Groove World - WGW 030)

    Following up the two previous releases from Mayaku "Palm springs" and the very succesfull "Aftershock", here’s the four tracker "Tamiami Trail". Currently they are still scoring very well with their excursion (Mayuku’s theme) on Wha? Roots Recordings , the more live instrument based subsidiary from Wally’s, which has some serious support by magazines like Muzik (UK) and Jockey Slut (UK). Here they’ve prepared already the next big thing, announcing also their debut album "On the other side of the volcano" due in a few months on this label too. You just gotta love this EP of variating tracks with on "Tamiami Trail" a rolling bassline that injects a pure dance energy into your legs, "Telephone from Mars" being the more darker uptempo groove and "Lost pearls" being the deep house pearl on this EP. For your extra mixing pleasure Mayaku added their "Thunder switch sounds" which is a very interesting DJ tool for every creative DJ around the world.

    already supported by Ivan@radionova & D'jules (France)

    A1 - Tamiami trail
    A2 - Telephone from Mars
    B1 - Lost pearls
    B2 - Thunder switch sounds

    Written & produced by Marius Acke, Koen Van Immerseel & Jan Costermans

    (Wally's Groove World - WGW 032)

    Different Noodles are no one other than Swirl People. This is their follow up to last years Dish #1 which was supported by DJ’s such as Mark Farina, Andrew Macari, Swirl People have produced some fine releases over the years for a whole host of labels including Aroma (also a Belgian based label by Raoul), FFWD (France), Tronicsole (U.K.), Panhandle (U.S.), Seasons (U.S.) and soon they have a release on the English MFF label (Luke Solomon & Justin Harris) under their newest guise Tiger Sprouts. On the remix level they’ve reworked trax from Street Corner Symphony, Wam Kidz, Soulsearcher, Jori Hulkkonen, Wizards of Ooze, Fred Everything and the list goes on. Find on this EP three different flavored chucky trax with an eye blink to the West Coast sound on "Flame" and "Mr. Boogie" and a very familiar but utterly effective bassline used in "Banana Resort". Take a pick from the second dish.

    already supported by Supported by D'julz ( France )

    A1 - Flame
    A2 - Mr. Boogie
    B - Banana resort

    Written & produced by Raoul Belmans & Dimitri Dewever at CMS Productions.

    T N A - Do we
    (Wha? Roots Recordings - Wha? 009)

    Tommy Rombouts (Antwerp - Belgium) teamed up again with Alissa (U.S. - California) after they met through working in Cinerex. On a quest to create their own sound, they started TNA with the general idea of creating a less is more kinda vibe in their music.
    "Do we" is the main track, call it an uptempo experimental house affair, call it funky and extraordinary, it’s hard to pigeonhole this track just as the rest of this EP. Alissa is taking care of the vocals on this track. Then we have "Who’s Tomy", an instrumental up tempo distorted breakbeat track, again hard to define and "Too easy" which goes more in the dark electro direction. Flip the record for the remixes by the London avant-garde house duo Freaks aka Justin Harris & Luke Solomon. This is probably their "freakiest" remix they’ve ever done, using a lot of the original elements of the track, though creating a totally different atmosphere in the remix. Their down tempo interpretation "Reprise" is a very succeeded action to make you "freak" out all night. Man, i hope you don’t get scared now of this somehow different Wha? Roots release, just check it out and discover the beauty of it, you won’t be disappointed! T N A also perform on special occasion as a DJ/MC set.

    Supported by Mark Farina

    A1 - Flame
    A2 - Mr. Boogie
    B - Banana resort

    Written & produced by Raoul Belmans & Dimitri Dewever at CMS Productions.

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