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From: John O'Brien (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 20:24:29 CEST

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    thanks to everyone that replied, too many to get back individually but i
    took note of everything suggested. i've apparently come to the right place,
    i spent about 2 hours yesterday checking out all the links, your suggestions
    are exactly what i'm looking for! just in time too for me to blow my new
    paycheck starting up yet another collection of records. . .



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    >Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 11:54:38 -0500
    >RE: get me started!I definitely agree with those two picks--almost
    >everything on Locked On is pretty good 2-stepwise and the Zed Bias remix of
    >2 Banks Of 4 is great.
    >Dirk van den Heuvel
    >President/GM, Groove Distribution
    >"Your Guide To The Underground"
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    > I know I've mentioned it a couple of times on the list but if you're
    >looking for the 'inteligent' 2-step sound check out
    > Phuturistix - Deepdown EP - on Locked On
    > and Zed Bias's remix of Hook And A Line - Two Banks Of Four - Sirkus
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    > From: Dirk van den Heuvel
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    > Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 3:39 AM
    > Subject: RE: get me started!
    > Another couple of labels people should check out on the 2-step
    >influenced broken beat tip-- Zest (Hidden Agenda's label) with cuts from
    >Fresh (aka Hidden Agenda), Sequel and Nos and Paul's Musique--especially
    >single by Leupolz and Raabstein. These are definitely two labels to watch
    >out for.
    > And the Horsepower Productions singles on Tempa also cross over a bit
    >the broken beat side even though they are really 2-step singles.
    > Dirk van den Heuvel
    > President/GM, Groove Distribution
    > "Your Guide To The Underground"
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    > From: Mark Bartlett []
    > Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 4:59 PM
    > To: 'John O'Brien';
    > Subject: RE: get me started!
    > J-
    > Definitely check out and look
    >the April 2001 posts. We have had some huge threads titled "THE PLAN" and
    >"more broken beat inquiries" that discuss exactly what you're looking for.
    >As for web resources, I feel you, and have been searching for the same. Any
    >search for west-london/broken-beat biz on Google or whatever calls up
    >threads from this list. So welcome to the source.
    > Check out under the "archive" section hit issue
    >48, there's a piece on Dego and IG Culture, the "god-fathers" of the scene.
    > Goya, the main distributor for all the key labels can be found at
    > Click on "new releases" and sign up for the list,
    >then you'll receive a nice little message from "Spencer" every week or so
    >that outlines what's set to drop.
    > Many on this list, especially myself are fully feeling this music,
    >whatever it's called. You have a great community here that will turn you
    >onto latest releases, history, resources, events, etc.
    > To reiterate the major labels:
    > -Dego's 2000 Black
    > -IG's Main Squeeze
    > -Bitasweet
    > -Archive
    > -Alex Attias' Visions
    > -People
    > -Spinning Wheel
    > You didn't happen record that Dego set for the crew who didn't make
    >to Miami? Nah, if only...
    > BTW NY heads: Kirk DeGiorgio tonight in NYC. He's at Swingsett's
    >at OPENAIR, 29 St. Mark's b/w 1st and A. NYC, USA.
    > late,
    > -embe
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    > Subject: get me started!
    > hey all-
    > just signed up for the list, i hope this is what i'm looking for. .
    > quick intro, i'm a drum & bass producer/DJ, mainly the chill stuff,
    >have a
    > few releases scheduled to come out on good looking records,
    > breakbeatscience, and a few smaller labels. i've been fast losing
    > in the dnb scene however, and after hearing all the incredible music
    >at WMC
    > in miami this year i NEED to know more!
    > i saw dego of 4hero spin the most incredible set of music i've ever
    > while i was in miami and i really have no idea where to find out
    > it. i'm pretty sure it falls under the 'nu jazz' category, it was
    > midtempo breaks (120-160 BPM, they went all over the place) that
    > on atmospherics and jazz elements. almost on a 2-step garage vibe
    > more 'intelligent' (i hate that word) in that the music went a lot
    > the breaks were fantastically developed and interesting. can anyone
    > recommend any online sources with audio clips that may be of this
    > artists? labels? must have vinyl releases? i want to start
    > incorporating this kind of music into my dj sets and productions, i
    > need a starting point to where i can learn more.
    > any help?
    > peace,
    > john
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