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From: Beau Young (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 10:42:15 CEST

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    Having started getting into Reggae its cool to see some recomendations. I
    picked up a Linval Thompson cd "Rockers From Channel One" today. Spent a
    while at the store listening to cd's and they all sounded good. I didn't
    see any of those compilations, but then the sales guy had me a stack to
    listen to within in a few minutes. They all sounded good so it seems like
    there's a lot of quality (which I expected). I'm feeling Dub and Roots from
    what I heard. All I've known was Bob Marley and Peter Tosh from friends
    (which I always liked). But now looks like I found another type of music to
    get into.


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    >Subject: RE: and on... reggae
    >Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 23:08:33 -0700
    >At 4:43 PM -0700 4/29/01, Mark Turner wrote:
    >> > Their Jackie Mittoo comp is also sheer genius. I have them to thank
    >>> for turning me onto to Jackie Mittoo (well, & making it stick-- a
    >>> friend had played me _Evening Time_ which was really nice, but not
    >>> like the later stuff!) & the mighty Cedric "Im" Brooks, the finest
    >>> spiritual-roots-reggae sax player I've heard!
    >>Heartbeat come again...check out the 2-CD TRIBUTE TO JACKIE MITTOO
    >>compilation for more of the same. :-)
    >I've had that one for a while, but it doesn't have "Oboe"!
    >Generally, I've found the Soul Jazz comps to just be a notch or two
    >above the Heartbeat stuff (in both selection *and* mastering).
    >Falling just short of some of the best comps ever leaves lots of room
    >for excellence, though!
    >>And for more Cedric "Im" Brooks, most essential is his album UNITED
    >>It's been released on numerous labels; my copy is on Aquarius.
    >_Im Flash Forward_ is pretty amazing too, although in a slinky
    >rocksteady stylee. Kind of like some of the stuff Tommy McCook was
    >doing during that era, but more sinewy & sultry--
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