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Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 01:01:32 CEST

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    i did get into this list in 96 and since then i~ve learned a lot about good
    music........... all the evolution that internet and music did i could
    follow thanks all the people from the list with charts, reviews, sites
    indication and webradio.
    i could met some people from the list and this kind of contact was
    wonderfull in all senses....... i did friends (something very important)
    In my case.... this is very special cause i think im the only one from
    Brazil....... and i don~t have others sources to get into new stuff and
    what~s going on in the music scene.........
    thanks for all

    greetings from Sao Paulo


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    > Hey the aj-list will never die!
    > I joined in 94 I think and I am still not much of a poster but I've
    > an increddible lot by lurking on this list and made some good friends on
    > for the last 2 years I've especially enjoyed the cuki papa business and
    > crate soul brothers experience, the playlists from all over the globe, the
    > fall and rise of new genres and artsits.
    > cheers from Rotterdam
    > Jeroen van der Ent
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    > > dear list:There is talk of shutting down the hip-hop list that was run
    > of Harvard for years . The reason: lack of posts. It made me notice that
    > this list is not as lively as two years ago though it is waayyy more
    > than the hip hop list. This seems to be true all over the web . The web is
    > not as fun or active as it was. How many people are on this list from 2
    > years ago?
    > >

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