Has 2-step lost it's SOUL???????

From: MANUEL MARTINEZ, FOR RICK MARTINEZ (djessential@msn.com)
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 19:33:05 CEST

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    I know some of you might agree with me on this one. Don't you guys think 2-step/ Garage has been sounding kinda so- so & stale lately (heck for the past 6 months). Ever since I got hip on Broken Beat and Afro- latin house in '99, I can't find enuff cool nu 2-step (except the odd broken-step ie. Landslide, Soul Electric, KV 5, or the deep & dubby El- B, Maddslinky/ Phuturistix, Ghost releases, but even Shelflife, Tempa, and Horsepower hasn't really impressed me lately).

    What do you guys think?????
    I'm having more fun with Laws of motion, Bitasweet, Head to Toe, Omoa, Inspirit music, In-Flight Entertainment, People, Papa, and Main Squeeze.

    But the wanna be bling bling US Rap of UK G groups like So solid crew, Heartless crew, and Pay as you go crew, and the commercial schlock of Usher and Jay-z/ Ludacris/ Jagged edge, & R.Kelly 2-step remix/ bootlegs are so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hell, it's sounding worse than ever. I still can't find the love for all the Zinc & Hype breakbeat influenced 2-step, sorry.

    What is going to happen?
    I find myself diggin' the earlier Roy Davis Jr.'s "Gabriel", Romanthony's "The Wanderer" (steppin' mix from '97, on Sole), or Todd Edwards, Booker T., Groove Chronicles stuff, Y-tribe, Anthill Mob, Dem 2's "destiny". Anyone remember them??????????????

    I know this is mainly a acid jazz list, but I know alot of you will have an interesting response/ feedback on this subject.

    Is 2-step losing it's momentum and SOUL???????


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