Re: [acid-jazz] OT: Negative music messing up our lil' bros. & sisters?????

Date: Mon May 27 2002 - 00:15:11 CEST

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    dear List: I agree that Rock n roll needs some "lemon squeezin'" songs about
    chicks and a little "I feel Fine" for good measure. One of the reason for the
     R and B ? Rap takeover of the pop charts is that its the only non-country
    music that is not about self hate and negativity. If you look at the singles
    that hit they are mainly upbeat and positive in terms of backing or lyrics.
    Plus, they dont have all that distortion. I wish there was more
    afrocentricity but Iecall when became "just a trend and people were doing
    it insincerely. Lots of raised fist and Afrioca medallions and acronym names
    . its all cyclical.

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