Re: [acid-jazz] DJ as Teacher

From: sirka (
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 12:46:07 CEST

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    Steven Catanzaro wrote:

    > the DJ is in a unique position and has a unique
    > responsibility. You can either close your minds, do your sets on Tuesday
    > nites in front of 30-100 people, eat your brie cheese and complain about the
    > ignorant masses, or you can switch it up and, as Roni Size would say, "start
    > applying the pressure" yourselves.

    I agree with the idea of DJ as a teacher. I think you have lure people in and
    then get them to expand slowly.
    its kinda of frustrating sometimes because I feel like Ive moved on from some of
    that but I'll take care of me here at home. when I'm playing for other people I
    want them to enjoy it and learn from it. that doesnt mean I have to sell out
    and play stuff I dont think is good, it just means if I'm in a cheesy bar, I try
    to drop some super comfortable beasties boys to get people moving/enjoying
    before playing 10 tracks of dublex, mum, quantic or whatever. if someone comes
    up and asks what a track is or I see one person moving to a broken beat song
    after weeks of trying to acclimate them to it, then i feel like i accomplished

    > And one of the best things to do is to give people
    > something their familiar with, and then take it to the next level.

    almost all of the stuff that the mainstream outlets offer sucks but I had to
    make my way through it to get where I'm at now and I definitely picked up some
    worthwhile things over the years. i dont turn on the radio or watch TV but I
    still cant get away from the mainstream sound and its not all bad. I realized
    the genius of Superstition some drunken late night on IHOPs muzak, i took notice
    of Lovely Day a few years ago from the Gap commercial (but, yuck, too short's
    players holiday bothers me), a few months ago the grocery store was playing
    prince and there were a bunch of 10 year olds running in & out the wrong doors.
    This stuff helped move me along at one point and i enjoy making the connection
    between it and more underground stuff.

    i like brie and harvarti and that ez cheese that comes in a can. cheese whiz,
    not so much...
    but even if everyone had access to all kinds of great music there would still be
    some people who like crap because thats what they like. musically i'll have to
    leave those people and their style alone but for the rest, I want to be the one
    song on the grocery store muzak that pushed them farther along....

    not that any of this implies that people listen to what I play.

    - k



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