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Content updated June 26 2008.

The spanish web site Acid Jazz Hispano.[http://lnx.indajaus.com/acidjazzhispano/]
All about AJ, in Spanish of course. My Spanish is bad, but it looks ok I think.
Expansions is a bilingual (english + spanish) music netzine dedicated to the deep soulful music in its diverse styles.
The Groove Guide.[http://www.grooveguide.com/]
Users can browse for gigs and events by band, company, club, region, or date and retrieve specific gig dates as well as detailed information on the artists, record labels, clubs, albums, radio stations, djs, press etc that contribute to and support this kinda music.
Interviews and reviews, and more. Time to update your Spanish skills.
Ubiquity (Luv N' Haight), Straight No Chaser, Giant Step/Groove Academy, Brass, West Coast Jazz Massive, Pirate DJs...
Fog City.[http://www.fogworld.com/]
The Fog City family of companies, based in San Francisco, includes Fog City Productions (music production) and Fog City Graphics (music-related graphic design).
JAZZ Online.[http://www.jazzonln.com/]
Mostly 'pure' jazz - reviews, articles, biographies, events.
Music Online Village Europe. A nice and well designed place. At the time, only available in German...
FunkJazz Kafe'.[http://www.funkjazzkafe.com/]
The FunkJazz Kafe', a subsidiary of Go 'Head Productions, was formed to create an environment conducive to growth and development in the progressive fusion of music, poetry, and visual arts in the undergrounds of cultural cities worldwide. The FunkJazz Kafe' is an event, not a place.
Jazz Services.[http://www.jazzservices.org.uk/]
Jazz Services was formed over ten years ago to promote the growth and development of jazz within the UK. Based in the centre of London, Jazz Services works closely with other UK organisations to give a voice to jazz in terms of providing helpful and constructive advice in the areas of communications, touring, information, education and publishing.
Jazz Institute of Chicago.[http://www.jazzinstituteofchicago.org/]
The Jazz Institute of Chicago is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of jazz in all its forms.
Groovin' the Vibes.[http://www.thevibes.net/]
This is a 'cyberzine' in Italian about Acid Jazz, Drum'n'Bass, Trip Hop and Hip Hop with reviews and a club listing (for Italy).
Music esp. ambient, electronic, dub, cut-up, acid, techno, hiphop and funky jazzz. FEVA (fucked electronic video art) and computer graphics. Psychedelic LifeDance enhancement by whatever means necessary. Artifical Life, AI, Complexity Theory, Fairly Unified Conspiracy Theory, the Post Human Condition. Slack.
We feature music from independent labels, unsigned musicians, concert dates, artwork, stories, videos, even the first Internet weekly comedy show!!! ...anything that may NOT be of interest to the rest of the world, but hopefully to you!
DJ index.[http://www.djindex.com/]
a list of DJ with press info, personal stuff, agency info and more.
A News article on Incognito.[/AcidJazz/Sources/Incognito.html]
An almost complete discography of Acid Jazz Records.[/AcidJazz/Sources/AcidJazzRecords.html]
official web site..[http://www.WallOfSound.net/]
Monday Michiru discography.[/AcidJazz/Sources/Michiru.html]
BGP discography.[/AcidJazz/Sources/BGP.html]
Japan according to Ben List.[/AcidJazz/Sources/RecordsJapan.html]
The International Archives for the Jazz Organ.[http://www.iajo.org/]
A russian site about acid jazz..[http://www.acidjazz.ru/]
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