Maysa - Smooth Sailing this [2004-10-19]

A new album from one of the great voices of Incognito should be exciting news, but I'm not so sure... isn't this too smooth? It lacks an edge. It feels very much like something filed under adult contemporary - not really what you are looking for in an artist like Maysa Leak. It should be more r&b or more on the club side imo. Even if the album is full of good soul I don't think it is challenging enough.


Her first album "Maysa", and "All my life" are way better as solo projects. I still listen quite a lot to All my life.

Check out some of the old videos at her own site to see what I'm talking about. For example, try "Still a friend of mine" or "What about our love" - they are so stunning you cannot even compare them to this album.

I'd like to see Ray Hayden (Opaz) come in and bring some order. While I'm at it, Ray, hire a web designer... please.

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