November compilation II this [2004-11-19]

Again a month with two compilations. Buying new albums at this rate is will soon damage my economy... A lot of new tunes from the Sonar and INFRACom labels.

Starting off with calm and jazzy tunes from the re-jazz project project. The two first tracks are really nice. Straight up jazz.
Fertile - not as good as their previous albums. I'm a bit worried actually; will they find their way back to the sound on "Seasons change"? That album was exceptional, a future classic, so it will not be easy I guess.
Micatone - a bit like old school aj I think. Double bass and good vocals.
DJ Ghe - very short track, with that sound Gilles likes.
Kabuki - Watkiss on vocals doing his usual thing, works just fine. He even uses old lyrics from the Project 23 days...
Nils - yes, it is an ABBA tune.
Players - Swedish soul. The best soul ever recorded here? The whole album is good. Can be hard to find though.
Badu - the bass line is fantastic.
Âme - hard and inaccessible at first, but it gets better after a few spins. It's worth checking out the album.
Nuspirit - Azymuth rules! Hammond is king.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB). 20 seconds from each song. (except track 8)


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