Keston and Westdal - Super Structure Baby this [2005-03-15]

I've spun the album a few times here at work, but actually listened more to their Winter Music Conference 2004 Sampler. Tracks from that sampler can be found on the net (the band says!). I do prefer the sampler. Look for the tracks "One 3 Five Funk", "Se Fue (f. Ester Godinez)", "Seed (f. Rajiah)", "Souvenir (f. Steven Ekoka)" and "Otokoyama".

We know there is a certain type of music that goes well with other musicians - like Pat Metheny, Level42, etc (I suddenly cannot come up with better examples. Sorry). You know when you hear some albums, this would go well with your friends that play music for a living. I'm not sure what makes it so, but again I get this feeling. Sometimes that's not a good sign, as it could mean the songs are crap but well performed... not so here. Some of the songs remind me of the fusion sound of Pat Metheny (a good thing I say - I know we don't all agree on that), the quick turns on some old BNH instrumentals, the broken breats of 2bo4, the jazz sound of Quite Sane and funk a la Light of the world. It's quite funky with a focus on bass. Should suit any modern acidjazzer.

A funny thing: Amazon lists Aya's Strange Flower as a recommendation when you look at Keston and Westdal. I don't see the connection at all, but somehow it is correct. It can be really amazing this kind of smart agent technology.

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