June #2 compilation 2006 this [2006-06-15]

DJ Patife - first I was disappointed by the album, but I was wrong. It's a slightly different style of drum&bass, slower, not so much "in your face" as d&b used to be. It's nice like this.
Omar - more new stuff. This is the Omar we know from the old aj days. I think he sometimes too much mixes good with the bad. Not very consistent in style.
Latrice - I think I recognize the lyrics from some other song, but cannot remember... anyone?
Tunng - Who thought folk music could be like this?
Nelly - Don't understand what the text is about, but I like it.
Quite Sane - amazing song - tight, so tight. What vocals!
Zwicker - a killer track! Very groovy. I like the monotonic female vocals. It's like she's falling asleep.
Tyree - headphone music. You need to hear the bass on max.
Patife - a real blend of everything. It's all over the place. A nice surprise with all its twists and an excellent ending to this compilation. Watkiss on vocals, of course.

MP3 sound bite (3.1MB). 20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: bramble. 8/10 pie points.


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