Drum and Brazz (album) this [2008-10-21]

Isn't it almost a universal taste, these Brazilian classics? I don't know anyone that doesn't like them (given the right context of course). On this album you'll find an updated version of bossa and samba. There is a drum'n'bass influence as the name suggests but it's not too strong.

The band consists of Darwin Barboza, music producer with a long experience, and Darlly Maia, Brazilian singer and guitarist.

I find most of the album very enjoyable, especially songs like Agua de beber and Corcovado are nice. Ok, we all heard too many versions of these songs but I still think these are enjoyable. They are not too far from the originals, but instead just slightly updated in the sound. The drum'n'bass influence is not as heavy as on Sambass 3 (the best ever album in this genre). It has the right blend of brazilian softness and a new electronica sound. Makes for a perfect pre-club lounge mix on a friday.

Sound samples available at myspace. Check out Flor de lis - very nice take. Mas que nada is probably the best track, thanks to the harder beat.

album cover

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