February compilation 2009 this [2009-03-01]

Back on track with mostly new tunes. Some are new remixes, some albums are just new to my collection. A little less soul than usual and a bit more electronica and house.

Empire of the sun - I like this kind of voice; a bit straight/flat maybe (lacking vibrato) but produced in a nice style, like it was recorded in a home studio with non-professional microphones.
Lisa Shaw - the opposite in vocal style and production. Glossy, luxury feeling.
BNH - this is the way BNH should sound. So much good music has been wasted through the years from the different experiments and lack of pushing out more music.
Grafton primary - this is really good! He sounds just like Human League or some other old "new wave" band. The album is quite nice and I can recommend it to anyone into this kind of electronica. Reminds me of Depeche Mode and others.

MP3 sound bite (8.5MB)
20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: Blueberry cheese cake. 7/10 points.


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