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Eating tips in Berlin, part 2 this [2009-11-28]

It was time again for my winter trip to Berlin. The Swedish promoters of Third Thursday mentioned they might have the November TT meeting in Berlin. Of course this was worth checking out. TT is an (very) informal meeting of Interaction Designers - to hang out, talk shop or just a normal debreifing session at a pub.

Berlin TT at IMA
Shouts out to all people that came, especially the nice guys Jan from UXStoryTellers and Volker at Pidoco! Cheers guys! The image does a poor job showing all people that showed up. Maybe Emma of someone else has more and better images?

Well, that was Thursday and I had 4 more days. What to do? I will share just some of the food experiences I had. Disclaimer: I like German food. In Berlin you can get food from every corner of the world. It, however, always comes in the typical Berlin style - relaxed and in a come-as-you-are manner.

I've said it before - they know breakfast in Berlin. It is served everywhere and almost around the clock. One of the best ever is this foodie shop called Brot & Butter. My God it was good - perfect bread and nice relaxed style. Ok, I'm quite a bit fanatic about bread quality.

You sit in the middle of the store, a bit unusual but it works just fine. I will return.

While I'm at it, dinner at Renger-Patzsch is highly recommended. Excellent service, food is nice and refined. The restaurant is in a residential area and you will be the only tourist in this place.

The area around Hackesche Höfe is the opposite: quite touristic, but still pleasant and interesting. Plenty to see and many shops. When you get tired, Pan Asia is worth a stop.

Pan Asia
I had luch at Pan Asia, and that day the set menu was Schweinrückensteak in soy followed by dessert.

Pan Asia
Dessert was Maki, with banana. Sound strange but was just fine. Sugar-coated Maki. Good value.

Yet another breakfast opportunity, at Literaturhaus. Sit in the nice Winter Garden or in the more classic café inside. Nice service and relaxed place to read your Sunday magazine in.

You need a walk after all those breakfasts. This empty field was right in town behind a hole in the wall (no, not that wall). The graffiti and paintings are in a different league here. What size is that, 25 meters high? Not your average tag.

More wall paintings.

A final word. Lots of coffee at breakfast, well you know what's coming... This being Berlin, it was an experience typical of the town: they played minimal techno inside! I could not believe it. Was this booth hacked by outlaw DJs or is the town council way cooler here?

Completely irrelevant, but here's my recommended playist for a Berlin trip: Dixon's Temporary Secretary, one of the finest compilations in a while! It is also absolutely mandatory to get something from the local Sonar Kollektiv label, and why not Sonar Kollektiv: Early days. Berlin is absolutely huge in size and you will spend some time travelling with the U-Bahn. It's worth having some music in your ears for those long trips, music that will have some connection to the city and its ambiance. See you next year, Berlin.

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