May compilation 2010 this [2010-05-30]

I shopped a lot of indie pop and different things this week. I basically followed the recommendations iTunes gave me and this is the end result. It's ok but not close to my normal compilations. Not very much acidjazz (or at all).

Some french sounding pop to being with. A lot like Air or Phoenix. I like the clear and fresh sound. Will probably be on heavy rotation in the car during the summer trips.

Prommer - the album is discrete and requires a lot of spins before you get into the flow. Very laid back.

Kelis - this month's surprise. She's always done club music but the new album has not even a trace of hiphop on it. It could have beed a David Guetta album, the way it sounds now. I like it even if it may be a bit too much? I like this fan video of a live show though the sound quality is not good.

MP3 sound bite (7 MB). 20 seconds from each song.
Cover shot: Cafe Central in Vienna. 8/10 points.


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