Best albums of 2010 this [2011-01-22]

Many came close but didn't make this video clip list. Incognito's Transatlantic RPM sadly failed on quality, Adriana Evans's Walking with the light is nowhere to be found online (how that even possible, does the label try to keep her album a secret?), Angela Johnson's It's personal has a couple of really excellent songs but didn't work for me as an album, Blue Six's Noesis is full of classy lounge tunes and has one of my favourite vocalists (Aya) but still didn't get played that much, Jamiroquai's Rock dust light star doesn't contain enough good songs (only White knuckle ride does it for me), I don't feel the Kanye West album at all.

  1. Electric Wire Hustle - Electric Wire Hustle. Amazing nujazz from NZ. On the funky/soul side. One of the best albums in a long time. Reminds me of D'Angelo, or the feeling when you first heard Fertile ground.

  2. Gonzales - Ivory Tower. That is one crazy video... a bit of experimental art.

  3. George Levin - Everything must change. Nusoul the Berlin way. Fantastic video.

  4. James Blake - CMYK EP. I'm cheating, this song is not from the EP but a single. Fantastic video and a song that needs to be heard loud, in headphones or at club levels. Insane bass.

  5. Silhouette Brown - Two. Dego and my favourite Lady Alma on vocals - can't go wrong. This live clip is fine but lacks the elegant and detailed sound of the CD. Not immediately accessible but of the highest quality.

  6. Samantha James - Subconscious. Elegant and cool in a genre that is full of bad lounge music. This really stands out, and the album is surprisingly solid.

  7. Netsky - Netsky. In a genre full of one hit wonders, this is a solid album that you can play start to end. For drum & bass that is not that common. Hospital records to the rescue.

  8. Kaskade - Dynasty. I'm not sure if I should like music like this? I'm too old, and this is not really consistent with my more nusoul-oriented taste. This is a fine album though, full of hits. I played this a lot in 2010.

  9. Kelis - Flesh tone. The album is maybe not solid enough for this list but this song makes it impossible to leave out. I like this kind of basic videos where the artist is in focus. Gorgeous.

  10. Keyisha Cole - Calling all hearts. Still the best r&b artist imo.

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