Music that didn't make my best of 2011 list this [2012-01-06]

Working on a best of 2011 and suddenly you have a lot of excellent songs that for one reason of the other don't make the list. Beside, a best of list is not only about quality - it's also a position statement. Right? The tracks here are singles or videos that are more than fine but really don't compare to a full album. A whole album is still worth more than a single - that's how old I am. Ok, here goes, in no specific order:

It's nice to include a video that didn't feature Nicki Minaj...

"This ain't no Pretty girl rock". No kidding.

A mighty track, definitely one of the best of the year, but you cannot follow up with an album like that, imo.

Artsy and cool.

Because we love the speed.

"Rather die young" was the only track on the album for me but I like this video.

Because I'm weak... I wonder, for people working in fashion, what's the take on a show like this? Does anyone care or even see what they are wearing?

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