November compilation 2019 this [2019-12-01]

At least two songs here are going to the best of 2019 list.

Bembe Segue with Da Lata, a good combo. One of the best voices out there.
Kraak & Smaak, I slept on the album. It's seriously good, parhaps best this year. It's a style of its own - music for grown up club people, maybe?
Monogem (or Jen Hirsh), her first song in spanish.
Lolo Zouai, american/french/algerian singer. Seriously good stuff.
Ends with newly released italo disco by dutch DJ Masalo, featuring the vocals of Guineo-Malian singer Doussou Koulibaly.

[Preview: 20 seconds from each song]
  1. Monogem Soy lo que soy
  2. Lolo Zouai High highs to low lows
  3. Savannah Cristina Rebound
  4. Niia Whatever you got
  5. Lolo Zouai Money diamonds roses
  6. Tinashe & 6lack Touch and go
  7. Billie Eilish Everything I wanted
  8. Savannah Cristina Spend it on me
  9. Lomboy Like me
  10. FKA twigs w/Future Holy terrain
  11. Incognito w/Take 6 The weather report
  12. Da Lata Thunder of silence
  13. The intergalactic republic of Kongo Her witchery
  14. Saint Bodhi FlowerChild
  15. Chloe Bodur Money
  16. Savannah Cristina One night only
  17. Kraak & Smaak w/Sanguita Soul liberator
  18. Basil Panagop w/Fauves Topaz
  19. GusGus w/Sisely Treasure Came back to life
  20. Masalo w/Doussou Koulibaly Yera

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