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Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 08:23:56 CEST

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    At 8:36 PM -0700 4/27/01, Beau Young wrote:
    >Check out Kim Hill's cd. She did some work with the Black Eyed Peas
    >a while ago and i got turned on to her through Garth Trinidad's
    >show. Kim Hill's got some real nice tracks on the cd... I think the
    >only place you can get it is her website...

    Wow, I'm glad you mentioned her. I was gonna ask about Nikka Costa ( apparently only *looks* really cool until
    early May, when there might be some content ) just coz a local weekly
    did an interesting piece on her, but the last soul singer guesting on
    a rap record who blew me away was def. Kim--

    I might be high, but her reggae version of "Hotel California" is
    working for me now. Okay, so there's no "might" about it, still....


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