New site this [2004-07-13]

So I made this new site, using only PHP and XML. I was not so happy with the blog software out there - I don't want to install a database and lots of other tools just for this pupose. Where is the simplicity in those systems? You so easily get stuck with some tool that you have to use and support forever.

My solution is one single XML file that PHP transforms into this HTML code. It's fast enough (not exactly slashdot speed though), it's simple to modify and maintain, and I can easily edit the contents with an XML or text editor. If you need to have something similar, contact me and I will send you the code. You, of course, need a server (I run on Apache) with PHP4, and at least the php module domxml. This should be pretty basic stuff for any web server I think.

The pages are still a bit rough and not very pretty. I'm working on it...

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