Produced by Trevor Horn this [2004-10-09]

I miss the sound of the band Propaganda. They had a special approach to electronica (dark pop, charismatic lead singer(s), strange lyrics, blended with the 80s synth sound) that is hard to find in any other band. Depeche Mode also had this special sound - before they started using drums and guitars mind you. Anyways, I read that there's going to be a concert, "Produced By Trevor Horn", on November 11th at Wembley Arena, London, in aid of the Prince's Trust. Bands to appear include Yes, ABC, Simple Minds, Belle and Sebastian, Seal, Lisa Stansfield, and the Pet Shop Boys. Propaganda will unite for this evening, and Claudia Brücken will be singing! Should be an ok concert to say the least.

More on the same topic: Claudia and former OMD member Paul Humphreys have formed a new band, Onetwo. Should be pretty interesting. The label site has some nice and fun reading - although with a tiny, tiny font that makes it really difficult to read. Am I getting old or what...?

There's also an interview with Onetwo in

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