Adieu record shop this [2004-10-14]

Wal-Mart is playing hardball with the record labels. This is good news. We definitely need lower prices on music, no matter what the labels say. In Sweden the situation is a lot worse - a "cheap" CD is about $20, a more common price is $24! The always increasing album prices are excused with reference to other things also getting more expensive. Of course other things are getting more expensive - everyone needs to make more money to be able to afford the insane costs of new music CDs...

Wal-Mart Wants $10 CDs

Still no sign of iTunes Store here. I predict a total collapse of the record shop business once iTunes will hit Sweden. The shops tell us they don't make a lot money with the prices they charge today. If iTunes will sell CDs for €10 I cannot see what will keep the shops going. So, I guess 2004 was the last year one could still find a record shop in Sweden.

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