The brand new heavies - Allaboutthefunk this [2004-10-20]

As the album title says - it's definitely about the funk. A lot more funk than ever before on a BNH album I think. It's more like they sound live. As can be expected with the heavies there's a lot of those tight breaks and quick turns. Nice. The first track, also the single, "Boogie", is surprisingly bland though. There are many better songs on the album. All in all, good to see they are on the right track again. The new singer Nicole Russo fits in well. And nice to hear Kincaid sing too!


Web sites that automatically play music is so annoying. Who, except complete net newbies think this is a good idea? Don't believe me? Check out the heavies' looser site. You cannot even turn off the sound on the page. Terrible.

I have this idea for an online campaign against web pages with sound. Just to show how bad it is, on one entire day, all participating web pages would play sound bites automatically, as loud as possible, with someone shouting "Porn! Porn! I'm surfing for porn!" or "Thank you for your viagra order!" no matter what the content is. Ok, this has nothing to do with the heavies album so I think I'll go home now...

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