November compilation this [2004-10-30]

Not much new or exciting this month... not very consistent either. It's all over the place, from r&b to disco to broken beat. This compilation is made for my own needs - there are a couple of songs here that I must hear daily, at least for another week or two.

I'd forgot just how good the Quite Sane album is. It's tight, has excellent vocals and nice breaks. The track "Once as queens" on the same album is absolutely fantastic. This track is only fantastic.
The heavies' album hasn't got a real killer single, but this is alright. This is the good old bnh.
A soul trio: Hicks out first. I wish she did more. She seems talented and she has the voice/looks but the albums are few and not always on top. Simmonds is probably the best swedish soul artist right now. I cannot get enough of Aya. There's a remix of the next single "Sean" out soon. I'm hoping the mixes will bring more than this one (a bit lame, isn't it?).
I need more Kelis. More.
One strange Taylor song. Here he's almost... like, happy?
"No return" is from the unreleased Propaganda album. The rough mixes you can find of the album (or whatever that is) shows it was not quite ready. Maybe it all was for the best, the way it turned out with the band. Good song though. "Cloud 9" was also on that to be released album but is a lot better in this pop style.
I don't remember where I first heard this Alliance Ethnik song (probably on broke n'beat radio) and I loved the version they played. This is the album version, not as good as the one I heard on radio. It has a sample of the disco classic "Come into my life" (included for reference).
Never been a No Doubt fan at all. Gwen is alright though. She's definitely got that star quality that makes some artists really shine.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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