December compilation, vol. 2 this [2004-12-14]

Making a new compilation in a hurry, for the long Christmas travels. Mostly mixes by the Bugz plus some oldies.

Stereophonics, don't really know why I like this. Not exactly my cup of tea. I saw a unplugged session with them recorded at Hultsfred (a big Swedish music festival held each summer) that was really impressive. I guess that left a mark.
Opaz, hasn't it been a long time since they put something out? Or have I missed something?
Aya, still far from the potential. Better remixers, please. So far the album versions are way better than the remixes.
Safari, Swedish... electro, I guess you should call it.
Bugz, great tune!
Lisa, I wish she did more songs like this (a bit more on the rock side). We don't need yet another cute singer-songwriter writing ballads. There's a re-release of her first (self-titled) album out - 19 tracks including some new material. A very nice album.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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