Trüby trio - Retreated this [2005-03-03]

Truby trio Retreated Many interesting tracks on this collection of twelve remixes. The bonus CD has another fourteen tracks. Most tracks sound more electronic than expected - it's more Club than Lounge. It's good (as expected) but I find it difficult to listen to it as a normal album, from start to finish. I prefer to put the tracks into a more mixed and varied playlist.

Truby trio
Why waste good money on a photographer when you
can shoot promo pictures with elevator surveillance cams?

If you have real good speakers you will get some extreme deep bass, especially on Make a move (Guillaum Boulard remix). People at my office wondered what was going on... a bit like that old 12" by Baby Ford-Ouchy Koochy.

Out on Compost Records.

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