December compilation 2005 this [2005-12-29]

Rounding off the year with some recent albums.

Elza - I like the many new takes on these classics.
Five - they've got many rave reviews, for their direct no-nonsense approach and quite standard jazz setup. Good album.
Ony - my normal cup of electronica.
Slow train - great voice. Big song. Why are not songs like this more known?
Annie - man, this a whack! She's not this good normally... From her DJ Kicks compilation.
Freddy - excellent album! Why did I sleep on that for so long? It got Gilles' vote for the album of the year I think. They sound like a real live band. Authentic, somehow. The sound is surprisingly bass heavy, but you need to play it real loud.
Crazy P - just as good as last year's album. House, but with style and finesse. Just buy! The sample on "Music's my life" makes the whole song.
Magic - no, not magic numbers, that's something else. This is better.
Helsinki & Free design - from Jazzanova's compilation "Remixes 2002-2005". Maybe the best compilation this year? Nuspirit is real club music, extremely groovy.
Akcent - I have no excuse for this. Romanian euro disco, by a boy band...? Don't know what I was thinking.

MP3 sound bite (3.1MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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