January compilation 2006 this [2006-01-25]

Not so much new stuff on this one. Slow first half, and house ending. Some old classics here.

Jenny Wilson - she did the best Swedish album last year I think.
Lisa Stansfield - good album. It's been a while... some of her older stuff still works.
Incognito - from the new album "Eleven". Real quality, excellent musicians, the best vocals possible. Tony Remy on guitar is fantastic. But, the songs are not as good as on the previous one. Carleen Anderson on one track - I like that.
Sabrina - daughter of Alex from Azymuth, one of my all time favs!
Fly - you'd never guess this is from Finland. Long version, 12 minutes.
And so the house tunes begin...

MP3 sound bite (3.1MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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