Matthias Vogt trio - Changing colours this [2006-02-27]

Mattias is most known from the re:jazz albums, or maybe as Motorcitysoul for some. The three vocal tracks on the album are good. I was hoping for more in this style. I'm not so sure about the instrumental piano pieces. Straight up piano-based jazz is not what I normally listen to, and there has to be something special for it to catch my eye. Again, I'm not so sure.

The instrumental "Circle of friends" is nice though. You recognize the sound from the re:jazz project - especially the calm piano. Andreas Manns and Volker Schmidt on bass and drums. Mattias himself on vocals on "Pilot"; not bad at all.

I had my hopes up for this one, maybe too high. I've said this many times before, that in my mind the re:jazz albums are among the best albums ever. Especially true for Point of view.

Matthias Vogt Trio

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