Jazztronik - the REMIXES, part 1 and 2 this [2006-04-28]

For us fans of Ryota Nozaki - two remix compilations with Jazztronik tracks! That's almost too much at once...

The remixes are in a Club/House style. Quite ok, even if it can get a bit dull in the long run. Some excellent remixes, by Reel People, Domu, DJ Mitsu etc. I recommend the original albums, before looking at these remix albums I mean.

Update: ok, so I played the albums at home (instead for at work) and it was a whole different thing, for the better. It was also Valborg here in Uppsala - the biggest party day of the year (not really a pretty sight, we party pretty seriously on this day). I'm not saying that you need to be drunk to appreciate the music, but it didn't make it worse anyway... seriously, it's meant to be played rather loud for an audience that do more than just lounge.



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