Mobile companies and software (=sucks) this [2006-05-19]

I tried to update the software on my mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson w800i. There's a handy tool for that, called Update Service, that you can download from Sony Ericson. I like that you can do that yourself - without having to go to the phone resellers (and even have to pay for it). Of course the update software didn't work. I would have been surprised if it did, actually. My experience is that companies like this do not care about customer software. If they did we would not have projects like floAt's Mobile Agent. Exactly the same goes for many other tech companies, like Philips and Creative.

When trying to run the update, I got this window.

error msg

Of course I updated my Macromedia software. Who knows what version it expects... why it (at all) required Macromedia to flash the phone bios I don't understand.

It turns out that Internet Explorer needs the latest version of the Flash plug-in - not something a Firefox user really cares about. Ok, so that is now done and it is working.

When you update the phone, it says to remove the SIM card, press "c" and insert USB cable. Did this, but didn't realize to hold "c" pressed for maybe 10 seconds, until a new window pops up, saying "Let go of c". Oh man...

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