Quite Sane - Child of Troubled Times (2002) this [2006-06-08]

I remember this album as being a lot older, but it's from 2002. I think it's because I got some pre-album tracks from the man himself, Anthony Tidd. This was a lot earlier than the album release I guess. Anyway, a couple of computer and hard drive switches later, somehow those demo mp3 tracks were lost. Today I had to buy the album to get those tracks back.

So, Tidd used to have this band in London (Quite Sane), moved to the US in 1996 or so, played bass for Steve Coleman and Meshell N'degiocello, guitar for The Roots, and produced for The Jazzyfatnastees, Erika, Jill, Ursula Rucker, etc. The resumé is not bad...

The sound is still very right, much like New Sector Movements, IG Culture and other broken beat stuff. The best song on the album, "Once as queens" is still a hit with me. Wonderful vocals by Eska - check out the challenging song "Short stories". Only Eska can perform it like this. I find the album surprisingly solid. It's certainly slick, tight and well-produced. 9 out of 10. I'd say it's classic in its genre.

Quite Sane cover

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