August compilation 2006 this [2006-08-28]

Some select Swedish stuff on this comp, probably unknown artists for most. Tracks 7-12 are by Swedes.

Zero 7 - some (like Portishead) complain and whine about Zero7 being muzak, but I think the album is surprisingly good. It was way better than expected. I was quite tired of their slow vocals on the previous albums, but found this refreshing somehow. Strong material I guess.
Ramjac - is Björn Ehlen, an old acidjazzer that turned to funk and instrumental hiphop. He says he was inspired by the early Mo'Wax sound. Plenty of local guests on the album. A hard sound. Groovy in a nujazz way.
Up Hygh - Brilliant. One of the best album out of Sweden in a long time! Pure-P och Rick Skizzo, as so many music producers here, are into the hiphop vibe. Be sure to check out the track "Be known featuring Eska". Eska! That deserves cred in my world...
SUMO - This is the Swedish Underfed Music Operators, or Alf Tumble and Combo Rydén. Dance music, with a twist. Unexpected style with all the latin and jazz influences on the album. Deephouse is the main thread.
Kelis - finally! I've been waiting for the album too long. The first single and the first couple of tracks on the album are really boring imo. It's the second half that's the stuff I'm looking for. I selected two slight discrete tracks, Trilogy and Goodbyes. I think those kind of slow-paced songs suit her voice. Small gestures sometimes make all the difference.
The whitest boy alive - This is the acoustic band of Erlend Øye. He normally does electronica, as best heard on the DJ Kicks compilation. I highly recommend the DJ Kicks by Erlend. It's a fantastic re-work of selected pop-electronica. It was #7 on my top 10 of 2004.
Maggio - music from the town where I live, Uppsala. You have to understand Swedish to get the point. I cannot decide if I like or hate this.

MP3 sound bite (3.1MB). 20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: brownie + soda. 5/10 points.


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