Canon Ixus 850 IS this [2006-10-02]

I upgraded from my old Ixus 50 to the brand new Ixus 850. The 850 has image stabilization (IS) which was my main reason for the switch.

I took a shot of my office, made a crop of the air condition switch and part of the whiteboard. It's quite a big difference, not only because of the higher resolution but also in quality.

office view

Ixus 50, crop 100%
old ixus

Ixus 850, crop 100%
new ixus

Ixus 50, crop+resize
old ixus

Ixus 850, crop+resize
new ixus

The image quality is a lot better on the 850. The display on the back is also more usable. The old camera had a better casing though - solid metal, and really tight and compact. The new 850 has a plastic feeling and is clumpsier.

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