Adriana Evans - El Camino this [2007-06-19]

None of her albums has come close to her self-titled album from 1997, imo. This album is a step closer. The Neo Soul genre has moved on though. Maybe it isn't a fair comparison, but when I put "The evolution of Robin Thicke" side by side the difference becomes clear. Robin Thicke wins hands-down.

Even if the sound is nice - with a basic instrumentation and vocals in the centre - it doesn't reach that level when you play some album over and over. I found it works fine as lounge music, but not at all for headphone listening. Good or bad? Is it just that I miss a hit single?

All for love and Calling me are the best tracks. Maybe I sound bit negative but I had my hopes up. The album has an elegance to it, there are bossa influences I like, and the move to Expansion Records sounds like a good thing.

album cover

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