September compilation 2008 this [2008-09-25]

This month's compilation turned out different from what I had planned. It's so on the club side, but that's not really my normal taste (not this much anyways).

Crazy P - I'm waiting for their new album "Love on the Line". Should be out any day. This is a great song imo. From the 2007 album Collection.
Jazztronik - from a new EP; nothing special but still ok.
Sneaky - nice with music you never heard before. The vocals remind me of the Ting Tings a bit; how unexpected!
Lindstrøm - the whole album is brillant, if you like this minimal style. The tracks are extremely long, and there's only 4 tracks on the whole album. This one is 16 minutes.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB)
20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: toffee and ice cream at "en smula". 9/10 points.


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