October compilation 2008 this [2008-10-18]

Not too bad comp this month imo. Some latin and soul vibes, then just a bit disco, and a finish with a dub feeling.

re:jazz - The new album is a bit jazzier than I wished for, but still nice. I especially like the vocals, like on this track.
Maysa - The right song, the right producer and she's pretty hard to beat... that voice is big and beautiful.
Stephanie McKay - a decent album. This track surprises with a thick bass line and being very non-standard soul, if you understand what I mean.
Crazy P - I'm quite exited by their new album. I want more of this.
The Cure - nice remix.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB)
20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: a red vs. blue (berry) pie. 6/10 points.


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