Nor Elle - Taxi (2008) this [2008-11-24]

The artist name - and record label - is a bit misleading. At least I would expect more electronic pop from Mole/Listening Pearls. Behind the name is Terry Lee Brown Junior - a House DJ from Darmstadt, Germany. A bit surprising, there is ambient, downbeat and a hint of dub to be found here.

I find the dark sound very appealing. It's full of deep bass, almost physical - and pictoresque like a movie soundtrack. The taxi reference is just about that - a taxi ride through the streets, forming a movie by itself. The sound reminds me of Booka Shade's The Sun & the Neon Light. Maybe that's just an geographical coincidence (Booka Shade's Frankfurt being very close to Darmstadt). Anyway, Taxi is highly recommended in this instrumental dub electonica genre!

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