Motorcitysoul - Technique (2008) this [2009-02-16]

Motorcitysoul is the deephouse production-joint from Matthias Vogt (re:jazz, infracom records) and Christian "c-rock" Rindermann. The project is named after the german motorcity (Ruesselsheim, Frankfurt, the Opel headquarter).

I'm a big fan of all the re:jazz projects Mattias Vogt has been part of. Especially the first albums are worth looking into. The "Point of View" released in 2004 is a personal favourite.

Having heard Vogt's solo albums and the re:jazz project, this album is pretty far from that sound. This is deep house and feels very (of course) electronic. There is a soul vibe but no jazz feeling at all. I like the rich sound and the instrumental style. Good headphone music.

album cover

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