July compilation 2009 this [2009-08-01]

The comp marks the end of this years vacation. Too short and not even close to being exciting. The vacation, I mean. Vacation in Uppsala - what was I thinking?

The A-side is quite light and suitable for the warmer days of August. The Samantha James acoustic EP (just released) is pretty nice. This is the best track. I'm kind of impressed, actually. I played this EP so many times it's embarrassing.
Maxwell - sadly the long wait for his album was not worth it. No killer tracks, even if some songs are ok. I obviously had my hopes up - the concert he did in Stockholm some years ago is maybe the best concert I ever been to (yes, *ever*). It was so controlled and well planned. I remember the backing vocals (one man and woman) did not make a single dance step during the whole concert... well in control. Maybe it's a question of his hair...? Time for Maxwell to grow a funky dread cut for the next album I say.
Tosca - sometimes a favourite band of mine, but I don't think I should add songs like this to the comps. Dub requires more of a whole album. Besides, dub in the car/ipod does not really work. Fat Freddy maybe is the exception. Their new album is ok, maybe not quite the same quality as on the previous (excellent) albums though. Still, worth looking into if this is your cup.
Guru - he on here because of Omar.
Mos Def - I like this. It's a bit old school, like eric b and rakim, right? The TV show when Mos Def raps while Dave Chappele is driving his SUV is one of the best ever. You know if you saw that show. It is not available on youtube, I looked.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB)
20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: organic cake. 5/10 points.


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