December compilation 2009 this [2010-02-02]

Oh man, that voice Eska has! Zero 7 never sounded this good before. Then some highlights from 2009, even if they normally are not my kind of music: Bat for lashes and Santigold. Nice though. Matthias Vogt - normally a piano and jazz guy - surprises with a really hard house sound. Strict club style. I first thought Fever ray sounded a bit scary, and the video is just like that. Still, it's nothing compared to Zero 7 and Ghost symbol. Check out the band's live rehearsal - it's gotta be one of the best YouTube clips of the year! Same goes for Mark de Clive-Lowe's remix of Yameen/Lady Alma. Brilliant!

MP3 sound bite (7 MB). 20 seconds from each song.
Cover shot: a coffee break in Berlin. 8/10 points.


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