March compilation 2010 this [2010-04-04]

No real plan of strategy this month, just a number of collected tunes.

Monica - the only track for me on the new album; great 80s vibe going on.

Georg - if you havn't got the singles, that check out the new album Everything must change. A must have imo.

Tosca - from the recent remix album Pony - No hassle. Nice but not really that new. Same old stuff...

Bembe - a promo track that is fun. We need more of this.

Salem - his career is strange (or just missing). A brilliant first album was followed by... nothing and then some weird choises. Eurovision song contest, what? The new album Ignore this is yet another surprise - electronica sometimes close to club music. I like this change but don't understand it.

Kaskade - I like the break in the middle. Good remix. It's time for some new songs from her though.

Then some old drum&bass... from the compilation The kings of Drum + Bass.

MP3 sound bite (7 MB). 20 seconds from each song.
Cover shot: coffee in Prückel, Vienna. 9/10 points.


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