October compilation 2010 this [2010-11-11]

Been busy with events for the World Usability Day 2010 but now the October comp is done. Pretty decent soul imo. I need get back to this style, but find it hard to locate the good stuff. I miss the whole UK Soul genre - where did it go? Is it still out there?

Maddslinky - Omar really should do guest vocals more. This is brilliant.
Incognito - the new album is not their finest work, sad to say.
RogiƩrs - excellent control and the tiny hints of broken is nice.
Bilal - big tune.
Naked funk - the female version of Omar, in the sense Valerie Etienne does the best guest vocals. Everything you could wish for, in a song.

MP3 sound bite (7 MB). 20 seconds from each song.
Cover shot: The hot dog stand on Rosenthaler strasse, Berlin, as I remember it. 10/10 points.


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