March compilation 2011 this [2011-03-27]

Going back to my core taste. It's all about the vocals. Mainly nusoul and just a hint of DnB in the end. Many tracks to be happy about. The compilation is like a Ben Westbeech tribute, with some help from his co-star Nu:Tone.

Sweetback - this is from two old albums. The band is pretty much Sade's band, minus the singer. Instead Aya and Maxwell on vocals. How about that...!
Deborah Jordan - this is big. One of the coolest voices in the genre. I'm a big fan and finally had to find this album. It is more than tricky to find it as digital release. The album is released in the US and I could only find it on a - slightly shady - russian site. Contact me for details or buy the CD.
Nu:Tone - a solid album. The best DnB album in a while. Lots of quality tracks, some quite accessible and a couple tunes for the clubs (like, The first time ever).
KING - came recommended by Mark de Clive-Lowe, and you have to check that out then. Only 3 tracks on the EP. Can we expect a MdCL remix or some kind of collaboration? Please?
R. Kelly - embarrassing stories and lyrics at times, at times just magic. The latter for me.
Ben Westbeech - can't wait for the album. Should be out soon. He's done things with Jazzanova and Kraak&Smaak, but I kind of like these uptempo collaborations even more. This teaser on YouTube shows what it's all about.

MP3 sound bite (7 MB). 20 seconds from each song.
Cover shot: breakfast at Café Florianihof, Vienna. 9/10 points.


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